RJR SIS Stereo Insert Switcher

The RJR SIS is the perfect way to add switchable stereo inserts into your workflow. These units are built to order, so please allow a 4-6 week lead time from the time your order is placed until your order ships.



- 100% passive, no amplification circuits whatsoever

- Audio only travels through copper wire, copper traces, and switch contacts

- Extremely low noise floor; power supply only used for relay activation and indicator lighting

- Uses standard Tascam (AES/EBU) DB25 snakes

- Built by hand, one unit at a time, in the USA



- Balanced stereo audio path throughout

- Input XLR jacks connect directly to output XLR jacks when all inserts are "out"

- Eight stereo inserts, each switchable in or out (hard bypass)

- Flip function swaps position of neighboring inserts

           [(1,2) or (2,1)] ; [(3,4) or (4,3)] ; [(5,6) or (6,5)] ; [(7,8) or (8,7)]

- Each DB25 connector carries fully balanced stereo send and return connections for each pair of inserts

- Input AC: Please specify 110V-120V or 220-240V when ordering


- 4mm thick aluminum front panel in black anodize

- 2mm thick aluminum rear panel in black anodize

- All aluminum black chassis

- Gold plated Neutrik XLR jacks

- Heavy duty large toggle switches

- Jewel light indicators for power, inserts, and flip

- High quality Omron relays