RJR VCA+BAX Custom Buss Processor

RJR VCA+BAX Custom Buss Processor

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The RJR VCA+BAX is an all in one compression and eq solution for all your 2-buss processing needs.  The compressor section is the highly regarded RJR VCA buss compressor, in a switchable dual mono/stereo configuration with all stepped controls.  The EQ section is the much loved RJR BAX eq in a dual mono configuration with potentiometer based controls.  The compression, very clean and transparent, is the perfect way to give a mix that "sounds-like-a-record" glue.  Matching the sonic character of the compressor is the Bax EQ, which is very clean and musical, giving the user broad, musical control over the tonal spectrum of any stereo mix.


Both the RJR VCA and the RJR BAX are high performance modern solid state circuits, that use ultra clean high speed opamps, WIMA film caps, low esr electrolytic caps, and 1% metal film resistors.  This combination of components creates a clean and transparent audio character, with a level frequency response through the entirety of the frequency spectrum, and an ultra low noise floor.


This particular unit was built in 2017 for a customer who placed a custom order.  The customer wasn't able to pay for the order when it was ready, and released the order to put it up for sale.  This particular unit, if ordered as a new custom order, would cost $3465.00 with the set of optional features that it has.  It is being offered at a 10% discount to help it move along.  This VCA+BAX has not left the RJR workshop since it was completed, tested, and calibrated.  This is a brand new unit that has never been racked.  And unlike a normal RJR custom order, there is no lead time of several months.  This unit can ship to you immediately!


Compressor controls:

THRESHOLD: stepped in 24 positions via ELMA rotary switch

OUTPUT: 0 to +20dB in 24 even steps via ELMA rotary switch

BLEND: Full wet to full dry in 24 steps via ELMA rotary switch

ATTACK: .03 mS to 100 mS in 12 steps

RELEASE: .06 S to 2.4 S, and Auto, in 12 steps

RATIO: 1.5:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1 in 4 steps

SIDECHAIN FILTER:  OFF to 320Hz in 6 steps

IRON/ELEC: Lundahl transformer output/electronically balanced output

IN/OUT: compressor engaged/compressor bypassed

DUAL MONO/STEREO: two independant mono compressors/stereo ganged compressor with left channel controls taking over for both channels


EQ controls:

LOW BOOST/CUT: sweepable potentiometer +/-15dB

LOW FREQUENCY: 20Hz to 120Hz in 6 steps

MID BOOST/CUT: sweepable potentiometer +/-15dB

MID FREQUENCY: sweepable potentiometer 150Hz to 7kHz

HIGH BOOST/CUT: sweepable potentiometer +/-15dB

HIGH FREQUENCY: 10kHz to 27kHz in 6 steps

IN/OUT: EQ engaged/EQ bypassed


Global controls:

E-C/C-E TOGGLE: changes signal path order, EQ-COMP or COMP-EQ



Custom order options list:

-RJR VCA buss compressor

-dual mono/stereo switching 

-6 position sidechain filter

-parallel blend control

-switchable Lundahl output transformers

-24 position ELMA rotary switch for threshold controls

-24 position ELMA rotary switch for output controls

-24 position ELMA rotary switch for blend controls

-RJR BAX stereo baxandall 3 band EQ

-3mm thick black anodize front panel with white infill engraving

-NOS vintage 2" RCA style knobs (compressor)

-new reproduction 1.5" and 0.75" RCA style knobs (compressor)

-new chicken head knobs (EQ)

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